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Our Consultants will make an initial assessment of your needs, from there we will work with you on the most appropriate recruitment method to ensure success.


Our extensive network and technology allows us access to a vast talent pool of managers and executives across all industries. Combined with the latest AI technology for screening and shortlisting candidates, we can effectively deliver quality talents, while drastically reducing the search time. 


Majority of the time, top talent candidates who have the expertise you want are not actively looking for opportunities.  Our research team is expert in identifying and headhunting these potential candidates, while ensuring candidate suitability and maintaining confidentiality.

Extensive Professional Network

With over decades of experiences, our Consultants come from an array of industries, along with direct experience from top tier firms.  This allows KTI to tap into its wide professional network to identify the most suitable candidates to our clients.


Working with our Consultants in using a combination of approaches will allow you to receive a wider choice of candidates, in turn opening up to more possibilities and solutions for our clients.

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